Who We Are

We are a team of professional with an extensive experience in the creation, organization and coordination of events and festivals, dedicated to providing fun and professionalism to our clients and your guests, taking as primary objective  the success of the celebration and their environment.


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Web-based system for the music program of your business. 

Through this service our team puts at your fingertips a intuitive web with an easy to use interface where you can choose the playlist with the right music for the right moment, the team ONDjs will prepare a custom schedule to the profile of your business and what you want to project in your business concept.

 We analyze the needs of the local to create a specific profile where the client will be able to play the different lists which will be in constant update and review.   

Never again will sound, what workers want, if not, to identify musically your product and concept.

Planning and coordination of programs for artists and events. 

Through this service we are dedicated to the booking of the art necessary for the creation of your programming of proceedings; djs, dancers, musicians, shows  and everything you need for those special moments of your local quality and your customers to enjoy. 

Our team of professionals will provide a programa to measure and make a reality of the events that you have in mind taking care of his creation and integral management.

Packs of feasts for the entertainment of your customers.

Parties with modern concepts and elements in trend designed to provide our and your clients, practicality and enjoy unique moments, funny, and spectacular. *Consult our holiday season.

Clients & Partners

Our products and services are aimed at everyone who wants to celebrate, providing calidad and good environment your guests and customers: Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs, tourist Establishments, Pubs, town halls, shopping Malls, private Parties : Birthdays, Weddings, Christenings, Bachelor of singles@ and more.